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Meet the Trainer


Rebecca's immense love and adoration for animals began at 5 years old when she pleaded with her parents to keep one out of the ten baby chicks that hatched in her classroom that year. When the day came, Rebecca’s parents surprised her in class, stating that she would be bringing home not just one, but every baby chick that was not claimed. As time went on, she accrued just about every type of animal a child could wish for. She learned to care for them at a very young age and began training her own dogs for fun. As a young adult working in the veterinary field, Rebecca adopted a 4 month old parvovirus survivor after weeks of quarantine and isolation. Due to the time spent in isolation, he became fearful and riddled with anxiety, resulting in extreme reactivity towards both humans and other dogs. This prompted her to dive into new territory- Behavior Modification. This journey was by far the most rewarding yet and led her to become a proud, certified training partner through Karen Pryor Academy. It is Rebecca’s goal to bring awareness to critical socialization periods, providing clients with the tools they need to raise confident companions; While using her own personal experience, education and professional knowledge to guide clients on their path to success using positive techniques.


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